Water gardens can be built on almost any size plot on a budget to suit any gardener.

This site will tell you all you need to know to design a garden pond or feature. We provide images and information about fish, plants, liners, pumps, filters and any other information you need to create a wonderful outside space.

You will be taken step by step through all the stages of creating the garden to suit your lifestyle. All you need is motivation and a real desire to produce a fabulous garden.

We will provide everything else.

The pages are arranged so that you can easily and quickly access the information you need to construct a perfect water feature or complete garden.

A simple garden pond, water feature or full garden need not be expensive. Some of the most attractive and interesting vistas we have seen have been built on a tight budget.

The gardens featured on this site have been designed and constructed by Kevin and Sue Randle. The main garden is one which was totally redesigned and rebuilt in Spring 04. Sue gives a personal and enlightening account into the design planting of a water garden and Kevin offers advice and suggestions on such essential matters as pond liners, pond filters, pond pumps, fish and wildlife.

water garden6

Before making decisions visit as many water gardens as possible and make notes, mental or otherwise, on any ideas or features thar you like and may fit in with your plans.

Some excellent books are available with images of water gardens and there are some very good sites on the internet. Don’t forget that pond design, water feature design, and water garden design need to be integrated to get a consistent and harmonious effect. Now get started.

Step 1. Measure the garden dimensions.

Step 2. Draw the outline of the space, to a suitable scale on a piece of graph paper.

Step 3. Look where the light is and note any prevalently shaded areas of the garden. Mark these on the plan. This will be useful when planning the planting of your garden.

Step 4. Decide on shape, size and location of pond. Consider access to all edges of pond for maintenance and planting, viewing points for pond, siting of filter and waterfall if needed, and how well shape of pond blends in with shape of garden and intended ‘feel’ of garden e.g. formal or informal, wildlife or child friendly or both etc.

Step 5. Decide on features of pond e.g. bog area, pebble beach, waterfall, fountain.

Step 6. Sketch outline of pond and roughly indicate features on plan.

Step 6. Consider any alterations and/or alterations which need to be made to rest of garden to accommodate and maximise impact of the water feature. Remember that the pond WILL be the dominant focus of your water garden and the rest of the garden should not clash in terms of feel and atmosphere. Mark these alterations on your plan.

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