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Trident Water Garden is committed to providing our customers with only the Best Products. We specialize in providing everything you need for a complete Pond Kit and we stock all your Water Garden Supplies. We ship directly to your door.

Water Gardening is today’s Hottest trend in landscaping. Everyday millions of people return home to a little paradise…their own backyards!

Relaxing alongside your Water Garden and Water Falls while listening to the water trickling over stones or cascading over the Falls helps you recuperate from your hectic day. Experience the Soothing Sound of a Waterfall the Atmosphere and Tranquility that only a (Water Garden Plus) Water Garden can provide. Join the many satisfied homeowners who readily profess adding a water feature to their landscape was the best investment they’ve ever made.

In addition, water features like other types of landscaping, mature with age increasing the value of your house more than any other kind of Home Improvement.

All you need to know about building water gardens or ponds.

Water gardens are beautiful tranquil places. This site will allow you to create a breathtakingly beautiful space of your own.
We tell you all you need to know to design a pond or feature and we provide images and information about fish, plants, liners, pumps, filters and any other information you need to create a wonderful outside space.

You will be taken step by step through all the stages of creating the area to suit your lifestyle. All you need is motivation and a real desire to produce a fabulous garden. We will provide everything else.

The pages are arranged so that you can easily and quickly access the information you need to construct a perfect water feature or complete garden.

A simple garden pond, water feature or full garden need not be expensive. Some of the most attractive and interesting vistas we have seen have been built on a tight budget.

So enjoy the site, use it as you wish, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice. Good luck with your water gardens.

water fall

Water Garden Design is an important first step in producing the perfect effect.

Water garden design and water feature design is probably the most important step in creating a garden to suit your needs exactly. Pond design is a very exciting and stimulating stage as it allows you to conjure up the perfect garden for you, first in your mind’s eye, then on paper.

The garden should appear to ‘flow’and draw the eye into the scene. In the project featured in this site the victorian bench is a srong focal point. The flagged path draws the eye into the rose arch at the bottom of the pond.

That’s all very well but where to start? It may well be that you already have a garden that you are happy with but need to enhance it with a garden pond or other water feature. On the other hand you may decide to redesign your garden from scratch. Whatever the case there are a number of straightforward procedures that you should follow to make the water garden design stage rewarding, exciting, and above all acheivable.