You want to build an artificial water garden, but where are you going to put it? Location can be an extremely important factor in the success of your water garden project. In the following paragraphs you will find tips for helping you choose the ideal spot for your garden oasis:

1. Even though it seems like a no-brainer, you might be surprised how many people neglect to call their local utility companies to find out where phone, gas, and power lines are before they start to dig. All it takes is a call to find out where they are located and avoid the problems you could have if you cut into a line. Taking a minute to call will keep your project moving along smoothly. In addition, you won’t have the added worry of irate neighbors who just lost their phone service or electric power due to your negligence.

2. Stop to really study the sun patterns in your yard. Where is there total sunlight, and what parts of the yard are mostly in the shadows? Consider the changes in sun patterns that will occur during other months of the year. Many of your water plants will need as much as six hours of sunlight per day. The angle of the sun can also be a factor in where you place trees and your artificial water garden.

3. What type of soil do you have in your yard? You need to make your plans surrounding the make-up of your soil. Is it soft and dark? Do you have a lot of sand mixed in? Is it hard to dig in certain areas of your yard because of rock? Is your soil mostly clay? All of these factors will influence the types of plants and trees you’ll be able to use in the creation of your water garden and possibly in the placement of the garden itself.

4. You will need to plan carefully around stationary things that are already in your yard such as trees, fences, and patios. You might need to consider removing a tree or two. Looking at your existing yard, will your water garden fit in without additional landscaping changes? Taking care of these things will take extra time and cost extra bucks. Talk your plans over with your neighbors. Maybe they’ll want to help remove a tree or rebuild the fence.

5. Another important factor to take a look at is the way water flows on your property. When it rains, does all the water run to certain parts of the yard? Does the lawn actually slope more than you’d ever thought about? Where do pools of water form? All of these things will affect your garden pond and the plants you intend to put into and around it. You might want to take the time to level your entire yard a little to eliminate the low spots before starting on your project.

6. Be careful that you know where the property lines are when building your artificial water garden. Check out city codes to see how close to the line you can build. If you infringe on the rights of your neighbors, it’s possible you could have to tear out what you’ve built and spend the time rebuilding it somewhere else.

7. A lot of decision-making should be based on the reason you’re building your water feature. Do you want to create a private oasis out of the sight of the world? Are you looking to beautify the neighborhood, or are you just thinking of sprucing the place up a bit so that you can sell it? Your answers will help you decide the right way to go about the project.

Yes, there are a lot of things to consider when building an artificial water garden in your backyard. Take the time to consider the factors mentioned in this article, and plan everything to the smallest detail before ever digging one scoopful of dirt!