Of course there were lots of new products on display and new and exciting information from the water garden industry.  Since garden ponds go hand in hand with outdoor living there were also many new, innovative products you could use right on your patio or deck if you had no backyard. Small fountains, hardscape waterfalls, faux rocks that spew fire and water and free-standing color changing waterfalls to name a few.

The manufacturers are constantly improving and succeeding in the energy efficiency of the mechanical pond equipment like pond pumps and aerators. This helps all of us who enjoy our waterfalls and fountains save money on our electric bills.  Also, speaking of energy efficient, the new LED lighting is just that.  There are LED lights that can be submersed in the water or staked right in your landscape and will barely make a blip on your energy bill.

These days everyone loves to use a  ‘remote control‘ right?  Check this out, with the new variable speed pumps you can lower or up the flow on your waterfall or turn it on or off with the push of a button from the comfort of your hammock! Atlantic Colorfalls is a color changing waterfall with an infinite color wheel and different flashing modes all set by your remote control!  How awesome is that?  I will be telling you about all of these neat products in more detail soon.

Spring is right around the corner and soon it will be time to get our ponds cleaned up from the fall leaves and debris that has settled on the bottom.  This month we are introducing two models of the most popular Pond Vacuums in the industry to help you clean easier and faster.  Either of these vacuums is eligible for our Free Shipping.

Until next time,
Happy Garden Ponding!