Garden #1 – The Japanese Garden

You’ll enjoy creating your own Japanese garden. Not only are Japanese gardens full of interesting plants, but the way they are designed is based on traditional symbolism. Because of these factors, designing your Japanese garden can be a truly fascinating experience.

The main issue with a Japanese garden design is the central theme of simplicity. There are also certain key elements which are incorporated into the gardens. Some of these include water, a lantern, an island, and a bridge. If you are successful in your development of a simple Japanese garden, you will be able to spend time there meditating and being at peace with the world. In order to fully enhance these feelings, you’ll probably want to add some type of special seating for yourself.

Garden #2 — The Water Garden

Water gardens filled with lush aquatic plants and exotic Japanese koi are also symbols of peace and tranquility. Depending on the features you choose to include in your garden, you can create a totally serene oasis by the artful arrangement of the basic components which make up the garden.

There are usually three components in a water garden. These are the pool, aquatic plants, and fish. Plants can be of different types such as submerged like a water lily or floating like a water hyacinth. You can also add rocks, fountains, and waterfalls to help create the effect you are trying to achieve.

Garden #3 – The English Garden

The English garden is a style of garden that has been popular in England for over 200 years now. It is basically an informal type of landscape gardening. You will be able to find a great deal of information on the internet explaining the concept of an English garden. Among the most important features to put into your English garden are a water feature and a sundial.

Whatever type of garden you decide on, the first step will be to plan it in detail. Before you dig a shovelful of dirt, you need to research a few things such as:
* What types of plants are hardy in my climate?
* Will the flowers I’m choosing bloom throughout the year?
* Where will I get my water supply? Talk to an expert to find out how to irrigate your garden.