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All you need to know about building water gardens or ponds.

Water gardens are beautiful tranquil places. This site will allow you to create a breathtakingly beautiful space of your own.

We tell you all you need to know to design a pond or feature and we provide images and information about fish, plants, liners, pumps, filters and any other information you need to create a wonderful outside space.

You will be taken step by step through all the stages of creating the area to suit your lifestyle. All you need is motivation and a real desire to produce a fabulous garden. We will provide everything else. So, don’t waste your time call us now (708-786-4057)

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The Trident Water Garden can really transform a garden and take it to a new level. The sound of flowing water can help soothe and relax so its no surprise that people look to have garden water features. There are a lot of different types of garden water features to choose from. Depending on the type of garden a dramatic water fall may suit, or in contrast a quiet pond may be better.

Most garden water features fall into of of the following three broad categories:

  • Ponds
  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls

Within each of these categories there is an amazing array of styles and features to choose from. Before you go looking for a garden water feature consider your garden and your budget. In an ideal world we all have lots of money and huge gardens. The garden water feature you chose must be suitable for the size of your space and your wallet!

This aim of this guide to garden water features is to help you see the various styles available to you. By browsing through the various categories above you’ll get some ideas for the design of your garden water feature.

Trident Water Garden Features – Ponds

A pond can be a great feature to have in a garden as it attracts a lot of notice and can add to the life of the garden. Few garden water features can match a pond speckled with water lilies on a sunny day. There are a few things to remember when deciding to add a pond to you garden. There may be problems with algae, dirty water and unhealthy fish.

When adding a pond to your garden you must consider the whole ecosystem of your garden. For example, a pond may attract a lot of flies including mosquitoes, therefore its a good idea to add a few fish to the pond. The fish will reduce the numbers of flies around the pond. On the other hand too many fish will mean that your water will get dirty quickly. If fish are added to the pond then its important to keep track of the pH level.

Once you’ve studied that a pond is for you there are various methods to build your pond.

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Trident Water Garden Features – Fountains

The best thing about adding a fountain as your garden water feature is that it adds a focal point to your garden. This is also a warning. As it instantly becomes a focal point its important to take time to consider that time of fountain that you want to erect.

Do you have pets?
If so, make sure that the fountain is high enough to prevent your pets from drinking/bathing in the fountain. Birds may also see the fountain as a bathing pool.

Do you like the sound of running water?
Consider placing the fountain near the area where you sit out. The sound of running water from the fountain can add to the sense of serenity and tranquillity in your garden.